Bold tech for a radically new world

We are a tight-knit group of data scientists, developers and story tellers – we build the services of the future with ambitious and pragmatic partners.

Our projects

How are we different?

Our core team are natives to working from different parts of the world, even pre-pandemic. We select only t-shaped individuals to join our ranks, which means we possess not just great specialist abilities; but arguably the most versatile group of hardened problem-solvers out there. No joke.

What we can do different?

Have you ever...

...wondered whether building cutting edge technology HAD to be expensive and complex?
...spent years learning the ins and outs of an industry and know exactly how to transform it, yet do not know where to begin?
...grown tired of the same old, tired "software studio" model, where you pay for pairs of hands - and nobody shared your risks?
...thought it’s impossible for radical creativity and great software development expertise to co-exist within the same team?

Then be sure to reach out! You will look back on it as time well spent.If not, lunch is on us.

How we work


We dive into users' worlds, uncovering genuine needs to ensure our solutions are impactful and truly needed.


We crystallize insights into clear problem statements, guiding our solutions to meet real user challenges.


Ideas become tangible, user-focused solutions through rapid prototyping, ensuring relevance and impact.


Our solutions reach users, and are continuously evaluated and refined for lasting impact and satisfaction.

People first: Our promise

At Kasvu Labs, we believe in putting our people first, fostering an environment where innovation and well-being go hand in hand. We understand that a happy team is a productive team, which is why we've embraced a people-first culture that includes a four-day work week, location freedom, hours flexibility, and an unwavering trust in and support for each other. Our commitment to this culture is not just about offering benefits; it's about creating a foundation where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their best work. This philosophy extends beyond our internal operations to how we engage with our clients, ensuring that every project benefits from a team that is genuinely enthusiastic and committed.

Tools for tomorrow

Empowerment is at the heart of everything we do at Kasvu Labs. We are dedicated to helping our team members shine, providing them with the tools and resources needed to thrive in their roles and beyond. Whether it's spearheading innovative client projects or nurturing future ventures, we are committed to fostering growth and excellence. Our recent endeavors in the oncology sector in Europe and the launch of an accelerator program in Indonesia exemplify our drive to not only lead in the tech industry, but also to make a meaningful impact across the globe. Through these initiatives, we aim to empower not just our team but also the communities and markets we serve, ensuring a brighter future for all.

From idea to impact

Lastly, Kasvu Labs prides itself on being an incubator for ideas and innovation. We nurture internal projects with the vision of them evolving into independent entities, embodying our belief in the potential within our team and the transformative power of technology. Our approach is not just about creating successful products but fostering leaders and innovators who can carry forward the spirit of Kasvu Labs into new ventures. This cycle of creativity and growth is what keeps us at the forefront of technological advancements, ensuring that both our team and our projects have a lasting impact.

Our projects

maind is a software tool that allows mental health professionals to see their clients' wellbeing at a glance, but also dive deeper into what they've said in between sessions. Read journal entries, assign homework, ask for feedback, exchange session reflections, and more!
By downloading the maind app,  clients can easily connect with their therapists and enter a fully immersive therapy experience.

Coworking hub in Gili Air, Indonesia! Paradise location, vibrant community, and fast internet. Working on Air fosters both local and digital nomads communities – surrounded by stunning nature and a welcoming community, you'll be inspired to tackle any task. From swimming in crystal-clear waters to immersing yourself in local culture, our business hub in Gili Air is at the centre of experiences you won't want to miss!

Data-Driven Consulting: At Kasvu Labs, we specialize in transforming complex challenges into actionable insights across the pharmaceutical and research sectors. Our approach is client-centric, adapting to the unique needs of each project to optimise outcomes. With a focus on accelerating innovation through advanced analytics and bespoke tech solutions, we empower researchers and companies to achieve breakthroughs efficiently and effectively.

Prostate Cancer Atlas: A first-of-its-kind platform that brings together experts from tech, academia, and the industry to foster innovation through shared knowledge and resources. The Prostate Cancer Atlas is a groundbreaking solution designed to transform how researchers explore and analyze vast datasets in prostate cancer research. By harnessing the latest in technology and fostering unprecedented levels of collaboration between academia and the industry, we aim to accelerate discoveries and insights that can lead to better patient outcomes

The Team

Work with us

Whether you are a true wizard in your own field, or an interdisciplinary chameleon, we'd love to connect and hear more about your adventures and aspirations.
In addition to your skills in software/hardware development, data science, design, etc – you're most likely to thrive working with us if:

– You have lived in a foreign country
– You speak 2 or more languages
– You know how to 'pick your battles' (fight for an idea vs. letting something go)