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We are a tight-knit group of data scientists, developers and story tellers - we build the services of the future with ambitious and pragmatic partners. Read more about our tech.

How are we different?

Our core team are natives to working from different parts of the world, even pre-pandemic. We select only t-shaped individuals to join our ranks, which means we possess not just great specialist abilities; but arguably the most versatile group of hardened problem-solvers out there. No joke.

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Wanna be our CXO? 'Remote' won't cut it.
TL:DR - We're looking for a Chief of Experience Discourse in the careers, recruitment and HR world currently seems to be all about 'going back to the office Vs allowing remote work'. What we see is a business world that has been previously unwilling to recognise the needs of employees and has now been forced to, by the global pandemic.
Opening up shop during the pandemic: 'We told you so', plus a few predictions...
Dear reader, today I'd like to introduce you to our new project: Kasvu Labs. We're a hybrid product and dev studio borne as an answer to underserved social and business problems that have existed for over a decade - but were made blatant by the global pandemic.
Psychology and tech can predict more about you than you think
Last week I started my first job at Kasvu Labs as their Behavior Insights Specialist. Before you ask, no, this was not what I thought I would be doing when I started my bachelor's studies in psychology. It's way better. I graduated this summer as a Master of Science in Economic and Consumer Psychology, with a background in research.

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Whether you are a true wizard in your own field, or an interdisciplinary chameleon, we'd love to connect and hear more about your adventures and aspirations. See who's here already.

In addition to your skills in software/hardware development, data science, design, etc - you're most likely to thrive working with us if:

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